12V 26Ah Deep Cycle Gel Battery SB1698

SKU: 9319236936405


These add genuine deep-cycle batteries to Jaycars already substantial range of batteries. As with all gel cells, they can be operated and charged in any position, are leakproof and completely sealed. Gel batteries are ideal for solar power, camping, 4WD, auxiliary applications and anywhere deep discharge and recovery is required.


Packaged Volume : 4.95l
Packaged Weight : 8.1kg
Packaged Length : 18.6cm
Packaged Width : 18.1cm
Packaged Height : 14.7cm
Width : 166mm
Height : 125mm
Depth : 175mm
Weight : 8.35kg
DC Voltage : 12V
Battery usage : Rechargeable
Battery Chemical Composition : Deep Cycle Gel Cell
Battery Peak Current : 260A
Amp Hour Rating : 26Ah
20 Hour Capacity : 27.3Ah
10 Hour Capacity : 26Ah
5 Hour Capacity : 21.8Ah
1 Hour Capacity : 16.5Ah
Connection Type : M5 Bolt/Nut
Type of battery : SLA Block
Battery Code : DMD12 - 26 GEL
Recharging Voltage : 13.5V, 14.7V
Standard Recharge Current : 3A
Recharging Time : 20hr

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