1551V1BK Black Plastic Vented Enclosure 40 X 40 X 20mm H9180

SKU: H9180


The Hammond 1551V1BK is a compact snap-fit vented enclosures allow plenty of airflow for your small circuits and IoT projects. Slots in the base of each enclosure allow for easy wall mounting, plus a knockout for wire entry. UL 94-HB.


  • Slots on the base of the enclosure allow for easy wall-mounting.
  • Knockout on the base can be removed with a screwdriver and used for wire entry.
  • Molded in ABS plastic (material has a UL94-HB rating).
  • Satin texture finish.
  • Enclosure features a snap-fit assembly and can be reopened repeatedly as needed.
  • No hardware required.
  • Designed to meet IP30.

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