171mm 240VAC Ball Bearing Cooling Fan F1170

SKU: 9321758167465


A 240V AC 171mm Axial Sunon Ball Bearing Cooling Fan (#A2175-HBT.TC.GN) with diecast aluminium frame. Designed for long-life and minimal noise operation. Sunon® fans are manufactured to a very high standard and hold CSA and UL listings. Altronics has been a Sunon distributor for many years and have found them to be of excellent overall quality and reliability.

Note: Other models are available for your specific OEM requirements, please contact us for details.

Mechanical Characteristics
Motor Design: Alveolate motor construction
Motor Protection: Thermal protected
Bearing System: Lubricated sleeve bearing system
Frame Material: Die-cast aluminium
Blade Material: PC of UL94V-0
Direction of Rotation: Counter clockwise viewed from the front of the fan blade
Mounting Holes: 8 x 4.5mm holes
Weight: 908g
Dimensions: 171 x 151 x 51mm

Electrical Characteristics
Rated Voltage: 220-240V AC at 50/60Hz
Rated Current: 0.11/0.11A
Rated Power: 25/26W
Operating Voltage Range: 150-250V AC
Starting Voltage: 150V AC (25°C Power On/Off)
Operating Temperature: -10°C ~ +70°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C ~ +70°C

Performance Characteristics
Rated Speed: 2800/3200 RPM ±10%
Air Flow: 203/239 CFM
Static Pressure: 0.62/0.69 Inch-H2O
Noise Level: 51/58dB(A)
Insulation Resistance: 500MΩ (min) at 500V DC
Dielectric Strength: 1800V AC for one second

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