30W 5V/6A Mini Screw Terminal Power Supply M8418

SKU: 9321758245293


The Mean Well IRM-30-5ST 30W miniature AC-DC power supply features screw terminals for simple connection to electronic instruments or industrial automation equipment. It has a universal input range from 85-305V AC and output at 5VDC (at 6A max current). The 94V-0 flame retardant plastic case and fully potted silicone enhance the heat dissipation. Meets anti-vibration demand up to 5G and provides resistance to dust and moisture. With the high efficiency up to 90% and the extremely low no-load power consumption below 0.1W, IRM-30 series fulfils the worldwide regulation for the low power consumption requirement of electronics. The entire series is a Class II design (no FG pin), incorporating the built-in EMI filtering components and enabling compliance with BS EN/EN55032 Class B; the supreme EMC features keep the end electronics units from electromagnetic interference.

Model: Mean Well IRM-30-5ST
Weight: 114.5g
Dimensions: Screw Terminal Style - 91 x 39.5 x 28.5 mm

DC Voltage: 5V
Rated Current: 6A
Current Range: 0~6A
Rated Power: 30W
Ripple & Noise (max): 120mVp-p
Voltage Tolerance: ±2.5%
Line Regulation: ±0.5%
Load Regulation: ±1.0%
Setup/Rise Time: 1000ms, 30ms/230V AC, 1500ms, 30ms/115V AC at full load
Hold Up Time (typ): 40ms/230V AC, 12ms/115V AC

Voltage Range: 85 ~ 305 V AC
Frequency Response: 47~440Hz
Efficiency (typ): 83%
AC Current (typ): 0.75A/115V AC, 0.5A/230V AC, 0.375A/277V AC
Inrush Current (typ): Cold Start 25A/115V AC, 45A/230V AC
Leakage Current:

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