6A 24V Battery Charger Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) A4506

SKU: 9321758162620


Ideal for PA systems & other applications requiring battery backup. This all new model incorporates a highly efficient, intelligent, multi stage switchmode battery charger ensuring optimum battery charging and performance.

An auxiliary 24V DC 1 amp power supply is provided to run ancillary devices without interfering with the charging cycle. Connected loads to this circuit automatically switch to the battery when mains fails. The circuit includes a host of protection to protect both the charger and batteries. These include reverse polarity connection, low battery disconnect feature and battery isolator/circuit breaker. Large heavy duty binding posts are included for battery and load terminals. Individual panel meters are provided for battery voltage and charge current. In normal operation, the panel meters indicate battery charge current and battery voltage. When mains fails, the meters show the load current being drawn (indicated by a minus symbol) and actual battery voltage.

Input voltage: 240V AC 50Hz
Boost voltage: 29.4V DC
Float voltage: 27.6V DC
Typical charge times: 24Ah 6Hrs, 40Ah 10Hrs
AC Load (max): 1A
Dimensions: 483W x 330D x 88H mm
Weight: 8kg

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