B&Z Booster-Speaker for Metal Detectors BZB

SKU: 20006822


Originally designed by Neptune B&Z Technologies using the best technology and components available and refined over 13 years, your B&Z Booster is now manufactured by The Outback Prospector (Jonathan Porter), the prospector who promoted the booster-speaker concept.

With its clear, crisp tone, the B&Z Booster overcomes the limitations of amplifiers in the past by producing a clean signal response regardless of target size, without introducing extra noise and hiss from the booster circuit.

As it has its own power supply, the B&Z Booster can be used with any metal detector but for maximum battery life, remember to switch to Bypass mode on the Boost/Bypass switch or turn off the booster at the end of your detecting session via the Volume control.

This GME Electrophone speaker comes with quality right angle stereo plug plus belt clip attachment for securing to backpack/harness chest strap and is well suited for use with Minelab GPX Series detectors as a stand-alone speaker (to replace headphones) or in conjunction with the popular B&Z Booster system.

Suits any detector with headphone jack including all Minelab GP & GPX Series, SDC & GPZ metal detectors

Powered by 2AAA batteries (supplied).

Now with detachable curly cable supplied standard with speaker packs.

Adaptor required for use with an SDC2300.

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