Crystal Radio Kit K2216

SKU: 9321758156278


This crystal radio kit is designed for kids & students to build their own working crystal radio set. See how the crystal diode converts RF to audio and explore the world of AM radio. Tunes into your favourite AM radio stations. Receives band from 520-1650 KHz (AM). Learn how radios work. Earphone included. Illustrated instruction manual. Requires no soldering.

Suitable for children aged 10 and over

Excellent introduction to electronics
Easy-to-read illustrated operating manual included
No soldering and no tools required

A great introduction to the world of electronics and an ideal gift for the budding electronics expert!
Requires no soldering, tools or previous knowledge of electronics. Circuits are built using easy spring clip terminals and leads provided.
Suitable for schools and other educational establishments as a practical and cost effective teaching aid for long-term repeated use.
No battery or power supply required!
Dimensions: 125x160x50mm

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