Magnet Fishing Kit - 180KG Kids - NEMO SQ4016447

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Kids driving you bonkers?! Keep them occupied with a quest to find magnetic treasure!

Introducing NEMO!

Australia’s only dedicated kids magnet fishing kit!! Suited for ages 8 - 14.

Featuring a much less powerful magnet in comparison to the adult kits, with a cool green theme, the little ones are going to have a ball!

The NEMO kit includes:

✔️Single Sided 180KG Pulling Power Magnet
-Pre-Thread locked so your little one doesn’t have to get messy!
✔️6mm x 20m of High Tensile Rated Rope
✔️Double Carabiners
✔️Protective Gloves
✔️User Guide

Everything they will need to get started in Australia’s fastest growing hobby! A great way to enjoy more of the outdoors with your kids, family and friends!

Your family’s next ADVENTURE starts now!

Magnet Dimensions:
.65kg - 75mm x 18mm

Product Warnings:

  • Strictly ages 8+ up to 14.
  • Strong Magnet
  • Pinching Hazard
  • Choking hazard (Keep away from Children 0 - 3 years) contains small parts (Bolt & Washer). Not a toy.
  • Strangulation Hazard: Contains rope. Keep away from young children.

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