2 Input Mini Mixer With Vox Muting A4911

SKU: 9321758193716


This compact 2 input mixer which accepts either a line level signal or balanced microphone signal for each input. The output signal is suitable for feeding an amplifier with either a line level input or balanced microphone input. Input one will vox mute input 2. Line level inputs and outputs are via stereo RCA sockets. Balanced microphone inputs and outputs are via 3 pin euro blocks. Any signal applied to input 1 will vox mute any signal applied to input 2. This is regardless of the type of signal, ie line input signal feeding input 1 will vox mute a mic input signal feeding input 2. Volume controls are provided for inputs 1 & 2 plus vox sensitivity. When vox is active a switched 24V dc is provided via a 2 way euro block for controlling external devices ie: volume control override relays. Requires 24V dc power supply (sold separately).

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