24V Lead Acid Battery Desulfator M8544

SKU: 9321758177716


Sulfation is a prime cause of vehicle and SLA batteries prematurely dying. This occurs for a variety of reasons, such as deep discharging or lack of regular use, and can dramatically shorten the life you will get from your battery. Fortunately, sulfation can be minimised and partially reversed. These compact desulfation units connect between the positive and negative terminals of your battery and provide high frequency pulses to break down sulfation on battery plates and provide additional service life. They are suitable for use with all types of automotive batteries as well as sealed lead acid batteries commonly found in UPS equipment and security systems. These cheap devices could easily save you hundreds in replacement batteries over their operating life. Adhesive backed for permanent mounting.

Important Note: These desulfators transmit a high frequency digital signal to the battery and do not alter voltage or current within your cars electrical system. They do not damage your car equipment, connected devices or engine ECU. They are suitable for permanent connection, however if your vehicle will be idle for more than 3 months, the desulfator should be disconnected to prevent battery drain.

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