3 Relay, 2 Serial Control Hub With PIR Trigger A6505A

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Designed to be used in conjunction with Redback Touch programmable touchscreen wallplates, this control hub enables the control of a variety of devices. Connection to the wallplate is via Cat5/6 cable up to 50m away. All commands from the programmed plate are then transported to this hub and the appropriate command signal being either serial (RS232/485 or both), IR or relay is then output to the corresponding pluggable terminals. Combined with the wallplate this could be used for controlling an AV system in a classroom, lecture theatre, board room etc. The serial outputs could be used to control a projector and amplifier, the IR for controlling a set top box and relays for motorised projector screen, lighting etc. A passive infra red (PIR) detector input allows for motion activation of devices, such as when people enter the room. Requires 24V DC power which in turn powers the wallplate.

Size: 66W x 131W x 29H inc flanges.

Input Connectors
Power connection (24V DC): 2.1mm DC socket, Euroblock terminal
Data: RJ45 8P8C

Output Connectors
Relay (1-3) Switched Out: Screw Terminals
NOTE: Relays rated for low power, typical 24V DC switching
IR Out: Screw Terminals
Serial Out (RS232 & RS485): Screw Terminals

Dimensions: 90W x 131D x 30H
Current Draw: 50mA (idle) 150mA (Max)

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