30V 20A Regulated Bench Top Power Supply M8310

SKU: 9321758175064


A compact, efficient bench top power supply for use in servicing, repair and design of electronics. The low noise switchmode design offers excellent regulation for low current requirements. Offers the flexibility of both wide adjustable voltage and current range. Size: 336W x 87H x 214Dmm. Weight: 2.9kg.

Input voltage: a.c. 220-240V @ 50Hz
Output voltage: 0 - 30V d.c.
Output current max: 20A
Supply regulation: CV≤1%+10mV
Load regulation: CV≤1%+5mV
Ripple: 100mVp-p
Protection: Current limiting
Voltmeter: LCD ±2% +3 counts
Ammeter: LCD ±2% +3 counts
Operating Temperature: 0ºC-40ºC
Operating Humidity: 90%
Operating time: 8hrs
Dimensions: 87 x 214 x 336mm

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