4 Channel Public Address (PA) Mixer With Bass and Treble A4422

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The Redback® A 4422 4 channel mixer has been designed to meet the requirements of professional public address installations. It is ideally suited for use in shopping centres, gymnasiums, places of worship, court rooms etc.

Inputs and Outputs
The A 4422 is a 4 channel mixer with all inputs configurable for Balanced Mic or Line level input. The line level inputs are dual RCA’s with DIP switch adjustable input sensitivity, and are internally mixed to give a mono signal. The balanced mic inputs are connected via 3 way euro blocks and have DIP switch selectable input sensitivity and selectable phantom power of 15V DC . A 1V balanced output is provided via euro blocks.

Front Panel Controls
The front panel includes individual volume controls and tamper proof, screw driver adjust, treble and bass controls for each input channel.

Priority and Muting
There are two levels of priority/VOX muting. Inputs 1 and 2 will operate the priority/VOX muting regardless of the input configuration. (ie: both the microphone and line inputs will operate the priority/VOX circuit if this function is selected “ON” for that input). This is particularly useful when an input is set for line use, as it enables telephone paging, radio
microphones, emergency tones or similar to mute background music on other inputs.

The priorities operate as follows.
Input 1: Priority 1 - mutes inputs 2-4
Input 2: Priority 2 - mutes inputs 3-4
Adjustable VOX muting sensitivity

The VOX muting on inputs 1 and 2 have adjustable sensitivities which are adjusted via the trimpots on the front panel.

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