4 Channel Stereo Mixer A4411

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Designed to meet the growing demands of PA systems utilising high power stereo amplifiers, it features 2 balanced microphone (3 pin XLR) and 2 auxiliary inputs (stereo RCA & 3.5mm jack). Balanced 3 pin XLR outputs for left and right are provided along with standard stereo RCA. Perfect for fitness centres, bars, bistros and sporting clubs. Two sets of tone controls are provided; one for the microphone inputs and one for the auxiliary inputs. Variable mute adjustment is provided for the microphones. This enables each microphone to partially or fully mute the auxiliary inputs as desired. Master volume is provided on the rear panel.

A dedicated "sub" output is provided to send to an active subwoofer. Ideal for gyms, clubs etc. A remote A4931 input plate can be connected, when used, this will mute auxiliary 1 and 2.

Inputs: Each microphone input incorporates a 3 pin balanced XLR socket on the rear panel with 15V DC phantom powering. An additional 6.35mm socket is provided on the front panel for input 1. Auxiliary inputs are stereo and use dual RCA sockets. A 3.5mm stereo jack socket (Music Input) is also provided for auxiliary input 1 on the front panel, suitable for the output of an MP3 player or similar.

Outputs: RCA sockets are provided for left and right line level and 3 pin XLR sockets for left and right 600Ω balanced outputs. Variable mute adjustment is provided for the microphones. This enables the microphone inputs to partially or fully mute the auxiliary inputs as desired.

Box Contents:
A 4411 Four Channel Stereo Mixer
24V 1A DC Plugpack
Instruction Booklet

Inputs: 2 x Mic balanced 600Ω, 2 x Line Stereo 10KΩ
Outputs(stereo): 600Ω balanced 0dBm

Mic inputs: less than 0.3%
Line inputs: less than 0.3%

Frequency Response
Mic: 30Hz-15kHz
Line: 20Hz-30kHz
S/N ratio: -78dB
Sensitivity: Mic 1.5mV, line 400mV
Phantom power: Nominal 12V DC
Output connectors: 3 pin XLR balanced Stereo RCA

Input Connectors
Mic: 3 pin XLR balanced rear panel, 6.35mm jack balanced front panel
Line inputs: RCA stereo rear panel, 3.5mm stereo jack front panel

Mic inputs: Volume
Line inputs: Volume
Bass: ±12dB @ 100Hz
Treble: ±12dB @ 10kHz
Master Volume: On rear panel
VOX sensitivity: On rear panel
Mute level Aux 1 & 2: On rear panel
Indicators: Power on LED
Protection: 0.5A fuse

Indicators:Power on, VOX active, Signal Present, VU Meter

Power Supply:24V DC

Dimensions: 482W x 152D x 44H mm

Weight: ≈2.2kg

Colour: Black

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