4 Input 3 Tier Priority Mixer A5131

SKU: 9321758182147


This four channel mixer features 4 balanced mic inputs and 3 line inputs. Input 1 is a dedicated balanced mic input whilst inputs 2 - 4 can accept either balanced mic or line level. Microphone connections are via 5 way pluggable euro block and line connections are via stereo RCA socket (converted to mono internally). Two outputs are provided, one for balanced output (level selectable 3mV or 1V) and one for line level.
3 modes of priority are selectable via the DIP switch on the rear:

Cascade: Input 1 overrides 2-4, Input 2 overrides 3-4, Input 3 overrides 4.
FIBD: Regardless of which input is being used, it automatically blocks out all other inputs.
None: No priority therefore all inputs will be mixed as per a normal mixer.

The system can be configured for PTT muting which operates only with microphone inputs, or VOX muting which operates with both microphone and line inputs. Each input is equipped with a volume control and channel active LED indicator.

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