4K Wireless HDMI Video Sender System A3605

SKU: A3605


This 4K wireless HDMI extender system supports 4K 60Hz resolutions with super smooth playback and low latency. You can now watch TV in your bedroom, study or any other room without messy cables. You can wirelessly send the HD video signal from an HDMI source (for example, your set-top box) to a second TV or projector in another room and continue to operate those remotely.

Support wireless HD transmitter with multiple receivers with only minimal latency. You can wireless stream the video content from one transmitter to multiple receivers simultaneously. Excellent for applications like education or digital signage.

Important note about latency performance: This sender utilises compressed signal transmission, which encodes the video prior to being transmitted to the wireless receiver. Latency performance will vary according to the complexity of the video being encoded AND the environment the system is installed in. Longer distances and sources of interference, whether they be walls or other sources of RF/EM interference, will have an effect on the overall latency of the transmission.

In The Box:
1 x HDMI Transmitter
1 x HDMI Receiver
2 x 5V 2.1A Power Supplies
2 x USB Type C Cables
1 x Micro USB Cable
1 x IR Transmitter Cable
2 x HDMI Cables

System Video Resolution: 4K60; 4K30; 4K24; 1080P60/50/30/24;1080i60/50; 720P/60/50/30 480P
Audio: Stereo, 44.1KHz
Wireless standard: IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac, 2.4G/5GHz, 2T2R
Latency: About 100ms latency
HDMI Version: HDMI 2.0 with HDCP2.2
Platform: supported Any devices that support HDMI Port
Distance: ≈150m in the clear line of sight

Interface: HDMI out x1; HDMI in x 1; Micro USB x 1; 3.5mm jack x1; Type x1
LED: Red/Blue LED x 1
Switch: Button x 1
Power supply: DC5V/2.1A
Power Consumption: About 7W
Dimension: 154 x 77.5 x 21mm
Weight: 330g

Interface: HDMI out x1; USB x 2; Type C x1
LED: Blue LED x 1
Power supply: DC5V/2.1A
Power Consumption: About 5W
Dimension: 154*77.5*21mm
Weight: 330g

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