6 Channel Mixing Desk With USB Playback A2651

SKU: 9321758165478


This compact high performance desk mixer is ideal for live/stage sound mixing in small applications such as theatre, bands, function centres and venues. It offers added flexibility for audio playback with a USB and SD card input on the rear panel. Playback is controlled via the transport controls located next to the dual VU meters. Channels 1 to 4 are identical and feature: - balanced XLR, unbalanced 6.35mm and insert input for external effects - separate high, mid, low frequency controls - gain, effects level and left/right pan. Channels 5 and 6 are combined on the single fader and feature the same adjustments. Dual 6.35mm outputs (L & R) are provided for connection to amplifier. Includes power supply Important: USB/SD & channel 5/6 are a combined input, if used simultaneously, this will result in a mixed output

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