Arduino Uno R3 Platform Starter Kit K9615

SKU: 9321758185124


Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. Arduino boards have multiple inputs and outputs which can be programmed to do anything from turning on a single LED or reading information from a sensor, to activating a motor or even interfacing with the internet. In fact the possibilities are endless.

This Starter Pack includes the essentials required to program the arduino board and a prototyping area for mounting discrete components and organising wiring.

Note: A windows based computer is required with the Arduino Software (IDE) installed.

The pack includes:
– Funduino UNO R3
– 400 hole breadboard
– Transluscent blue acrylic base
– 9V 2A power supply
– 65 piece jumper lead set
– 1.5m USB A to USB B lead
– Mounting hardware
– Rubber feet.

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