CSR8635 Bluetooth V4.0 Module Z6383

SKU: 9321758235782


This Bluetooth V4.0 Module can be used to build wireless audio streaming into an OEM product or other audio project. It features A2DP, AVRCP remote control protocol transmission and is suitable for connection to any Bluetooth equipped device such as smartphones, tablets and other bluetooth audio adaptors. It receives high quality wireless stereo audio stream and enables remote control of the audio device it is built into. The pinouts and module dimensions are compatible with BC05-B allowing upgrade of existing modules without any changes required. It is equipped with a built in antenna.

Stereo speakers
1-mic stereo headset or headphones
Handsfree car kits
The enhanced Kalimba DSP coprocessor with 80MIPS supports enhanced audio and DSP applications.
The integrated audio codec supports stereo input and output, as well as a variety of audio standards.

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