DC-DC Buck Boost Module 1A / 1.25V-26V DC Z6337

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A DC-DC buck module utilising the LM2596S and LM2577 to accept a 3.5-28V input and output 1.25-26V (adjustable) at a max current of 1A. Includes brass standoffs. Ideal for small projects where regulated power is required. Size: 53L x 38W x 21H mm.

Dual Chip: LM2577S + LM2596S
Size: 53x38x15mm

Boost Mode
Input Voltage: 3.5-28V
Output Voltage: 1.25V-26V
Note: The output voltage is not related to the input voltage (that is, input any value of 3.5V-28V, output any value of 1.25V-26V)

Buck Mode
Current Input Maximum: 3A.
Output Maximum: 3A.
Rated Input: 1A,
Rated Output: 1A
Note: The output voltage (any value between 1.25V-26V) is irrelevant to the input voltage (input 3.5V-28V arbitrary value), the module automatically lifts and drops.

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