Funduino SKM53 Skylab GPS Smart Antenna Module Z6331

SKU: 9321758171110


The SKM53 Series with embedded GPS antenna gives high performance navigation in the most demanding applications and an accurate fix even in poor GPS reception environments.
It is based on the high performance features of the MediaTek 3329 single-chip architecture, Its –165dBm reception sensitivity extends positioning coverage into areas like urban canyons and dense forest environments where the GPS reception was not possible before. The 6-pin UART connector design is the easiest and most convenient solution to be embedded in a portable device and receiver like PND, GPS mouse, car holder, personal locator, speed camera detector and vehicle locator.

Receiver Type: L1 frequency band, C/A code, 22 Tracking / 66 Acquisition-Channel
- Tracking -165dBm
- Acquisition -148dBm

- Position 3.0m CEP without SA
- Velocity 0.1m/s without SA
- Timing (PPS) 60ns RMS

Acquisition Time:
- Cold Start 36s
- Warm Start 33s
- Hot Start 1s
- Re-Acquisition

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