LENOXX Super am/fm radio R500

SKU: 9324008018845


Want the sound system that does it all, and does it well? Then comes along with you for the ride?

Meet our AM/FM super radio, fit with a huge bandwidth and extra, external ‘telescopic’ antenna to pick up your favourite tunes at any distance. Perfect for travellers, this ‘super’ radio lets you access stations at long distances – so no matter how far off the beaten track you go, you are always in touch. Protect yourself in emergencies, with extra stations, and bigger listening distances.

Our exciting radio super-system can play MP3 files from your convenient choice of USB, SD and TF ports. To power up your portable music station, simply plug it in to your nearest power supply, or pop in some batteries for the ultimate all-in-one system to take on the go.


  • AM/FM stations
  • wide bandwidth
  • extra external antenna
  • external antenna jack
  • USB/SD/TF ports
  • AC/DC power or battery-powered for portability
  • Battery: 4 x D-sized batteries (not included)
  • Bandwidth: 540-1710
  • Measurements: 27.5cm x 16cm x 8.5cm

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