Multi-Zone HDMI UTP Balun Extension System A3224

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An ideal solution for pubs, clubs and venues, this HDMI balun extender system allows a single HDMI source to be shared across multiple screens located up to 30m away with Cat5e and 50m with Cat6. The transmitter is equipped with four outputs, one HDMI and three Cat6 UTP which transmit the HDMI source signal up to 50m away (1080p). Each UTP output can be either connected direct to a receiver (A 3226), or alternatively a transceiver (A 3225) and receiver can be ‘daisy chained’. Maximum of 7 screens can be connected to the same HDMI source. HDCP compliant.

Transmitter: Accepts High Definition sources (Games platform, Blu-ray player (inc 3-D), DVD player, satellite receivers, digital projectors, A/V receivers and set up boxes) and transmits video and audio over Cat.6 up to 50m. HDMI connector input + HDMI output + 3x Cat. 6 outputs. Power Supply 5V 2A.

Receiver: Accepts the Cat. 6 cable from the Transmitter, thereby acting as the extender of the original HDMI source. This is connected to the HDMI port of the HDTV monitor. Cat. 6 connector input + HDMI output. Power Supply 5V 1A.

Package Contents:
1 x Transmitter
1 x Receiver
2 x Power Supplies: Transmitter 5V 2A; Receiver / Transceiver 5V 1A

Video bandwidth: 1.65Gps
Resolution: 1080p/1080i/720i/720p/480p
Transmitter connections: HDMI input, HDMI output (loop through), 3 x Cat6/5e output RJ45 socket
Receiver connections: HDMI output, Cat6/5e input RJ45 socket
Transceiver connections: HDMI output, Cat6/5e input RJ45 socket, Cat6/5e output RJ45 socket
Audio format :LPCM
Range: Up to 50m 1080p Cat6
Power supply: Transmitter 5V 2A; Receiver 5V 1A
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm: Tx 128 x 76 x 25, Rx/RxTx 77 x 64 x 25

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