Pk 4 Caravan Mounting Brackets To Suit Altronics Solar Panel N0206

SKU: 9321758152041


The Altronics solar panel mount range features solutions for a variety of installations, including caravans, boats, RVs, 4WDs, remote power & grid feed systems. A range of mounting options are available for tile roofs, corrugated roofs, and trim-deck roof sheeting. Panels can be mounted at different angles, allowing space between the roof and the panel for cooling (panels become less efficient at high ambient temperatures). Mounts are made from high grade anodised 6106 aluminium T6 temper, with stainless steel 304 grade hardware. Tile roof bracket is constructed from stainless steel. All mounts have been designed with ease of installation in mind, reducing the time spent on the roof.

All mounts are approved to AS1170, plus have additional standards (listed below) ensuring your system is safe. Many cheaper brackets do not have these approvals, many of which are compulsory for grid feed systems. Approved for Australian wind zones A, B, C & D making them suitable for use all over Australia & its territories.

Certified To:
ASTM B117 2000
AS/NZS 1170.0
AS/NZS 1170.1
AS/NZS 1720.2
AS/NZS 1664.1
AS/NZS 1720.1
Wind zone A,B,C & D compliant

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