Programmable Universal 4.3" Touchscreen Wallplate - White A6541

SKU: 9321758248034


This universal 4.3" touchscreen wall plate is the perfect control system for commercial and domestic automation. Its stylish low profile design lends itself to installation in new modern homes, classrooms, lecture theatres or corporate boardrooms. The LCD panel can be configured from 1 to 12 buttons, which can be individually labelled. Configuration is performed using the supplied software, which is then transferred to the plate via SD card. A library of button icons is included. Icons can be customised by the user if required.  Each button can be programmed for either serial with hex code commands, IR, or relay control.

For IR applications the plate can learn and capture IR strings from almost any remote control. User generated macros can be created consisting of multiple commands in a single button press. This is ideal for performing multiple tasks at once ie: turn on projector, turn on amplifier, turn off lights, drop down projector screen etc. Wall plate fits into a standard electrical wall box for ease of installation. 

Interfaces with a suite of Redback serial and relay control boxes (see accessories panel).

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