Bowers & Wilkins 702 S3 3-Way Floorstanding Speaker (Gloss Black) FP43052

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Goosebumps guaranteed

Our flagship, the 702 S3, is a state-of-the-art tower speaker that defines new standards for performance in its class. If you want the best, this is it.

The 702 S3 3-Way Floorstanding Speaker from Bowers & Wilkins in gloss black ushers in a new standard in high-fidelity sound. Whether it's used purely for music or in a larger home entertainment system, you will enjoy dynamic sound from three 6.5" Aerofoil Profile woofers, a 6" Continuum cone FST midrange, and 1" decoupled carbon dome tweeter. The tweeter-on-top construction is more resistant to resonance, while the midrange adds biomimetic suspension to help minimise interference from the deep and dynamic bass produced by the variable thickness woofers. Add in a downward-firing port, updated plinth, and more; and you have speaker capable of truly clean, precise, and dynamic audio reproduction.

The 1" decoupled carbon dome tweeter is featured in a tweeter-on-top design, housed in a frame that's been milled from a single block of aluminium for better resistance to resonance. With the 702 S3, the tweeter now utilises a carbon dome, which raised the breakup threshold to 47 kHz, further improving the accuracy of higher frequencies.
Continuum Cone Midrange
The 6" midrange driver incorporates a composite construction that does not hinder its performance, and four Bowers & Wilkins technologies are employed where the combination ensures clean and neutral vocals and instrument representation without interference from the woofers. The four technologies used are a Continuum cone, FST, biomimetic suspension, and midrange decoupling.
Stable Base
The entire unit is made to sit firmly on either wood floors or carpet with a plinth that features 1.2" metal legs and M10 stainless steel spikes.
Additional Features
  • Supports up to 300W of amplified power
  • Dual connections support bi-wired setup
  • Variable thickness woofers for improved rigidity
  • Flowport

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