3-6.5mm EG7/PG7 Black IP68 Nylon Cable Gland H4304A

SKU: 9321758179130


PG7 size nylon cable gland with IP68 ingress protection rating. Multi-piece cable glands with rubber clamping ring for sealing cable apertures in weatherproof equipment or speaker enclosures. Standard gland suits cable diameter 3mm to 6.5 mm. Mounting hole Ø 12.5mm.

Cable Size: 3 - 6.5mm
Chassis Hole: 12.5mm
Spanner Size: 19mm
Colour: Black
Material:PA (NYLON), UL 94
Hermetic seal: NBR, EPDM
O-Ring: EPDM
Working temperature:
- 40℃ to100℃ in static state
Instantaneous heat resistance up to 120℃
-20℃ to 80℃ in dynamic state
Instantaneous heat resistance up to 100℃

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