4 Zone 30W Stereo Amplifier A4198

SKU: 9321758152553


Excellent for multi-room audio distribution, this 12V powered four zone amplifier produces 30W RMS per zone (15W RMS per channel) - all from a case just 200mm across! One input source may be connected on the front panel via stereo RCA sockets. An individual volume control is provided for each zone. Pluggable terminal blocks make output connection to speakers easy. A 3.5mm stereo headphone jack is provided with a dedicated volume control. Loop output allows connection of source input to additional amplifiers. Includes speaker protection circuitry. A quick and easy way to distribute an audio source, such as background music, around a home or business. NOTE: Altronics include a power pack & mains IEC lead with this unit. Beware of other suppliers selling this model without power supply.

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