4 Zone Paging Relay Box To Suit A4660 A4489A

SKU: A4489A


The A4489A zone relay unit may be installed remotely and has been designed to switch either low level inputs or amplifier outputs and interfaces the A4660 paging console with existing PA systems. Suits for line level or 100V line zone switching. Powered via the supplied 24V dc plug pack.

A maximum of two A4660 paging consoles can be connected to the A4489A Audio Switcher at the same time. These work in a “first in, best dressed” arrangement. Each unit must be assigned an ID number through DIP switch settings on the rear of the unit. Now also fitted with background music input.

How to connect to A4660 Paging Console
There are multiple configurations for pairing the paging console with the A4489A four zone audio switcher units. Two examples are detailed below. The first details connection between paging console and multiple individual zone amplifiers via either line or mic level (mic level shown in diagram)

The second configuration allows for a single zone amplifier powering all zones at once. In this configuration the amplifier output is fed into the A4489A and speaker circuits are connected directly to the zone outputs. The A4660 can then be used to page each zone as desired.

A maximum of two paging consoles can be connected to the audio switchers at the same time. These work in a “first in, best dressed” arrangement. Connection between the paging console and audio switcher is via a Cat5e cable which carries power and the balanced audio output from the microphone.

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