4x4 Audio Source Matrix Mixer Switch A4450

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The A4450 master unit can be configured to operate as either a 4x4 Matrix, allowing any combination of inputs to be selected to an output, or as a Switcher, enabling only one input to be selected to an output at any time. This is set by the installer via a DIP switch on the rear panel. Note: it cannot be configured to work as both. It is set as either a matrix, or switcher. Any connected wallplates will automatically be set to suit the master unit.

Feature packed yet simple to set up and use, this mixer pairs with easy to use wallplate controllers and paging consoles. With 4 inputs selectable to up to 4 zones it is ideally suited to gyms, cafes, restaurants, small clubs and function centres.Designed with end users in mind, this complete audio source controller provides source selection, and level control from remotely located wallplate controllers located up to 200m from the main unit. The controller offers a visual indication of which input is selected to which output on the front panel LCD and illuminated controls.

The A 4450 accepts both balanced mic (pluggable screw terminals) and line level signals (stereo RCA) for four audio sources, and switches them to matching individual output zones. Any or all inputs can be switched to any and all output zones.

For added convenience all inputs and output zones can be labelled for display on the LCD (Either by a Master Wallplate/paging console or by accessing the micro SD card located in the rear of the A 4450). This allows users to quickly see the source playing in each output zone.

A 4463 (left) provides master control. A 4464 (right) provides zone/switching control – maximum 4 zones.

When connected to the A 4450, the optional A 4461 and A 4463 master selector wallplates enable full control of the whole system, including selection of input sources, level control in each zone, level control of input sources and labelling of inputs and output zones. Multiple inputs can be selected/mixed to a zone and the volume level of each input can be adjusted up or down, independently of other inputs.

Smaller optional zone wallplates A4462 and A 4464 provide control of source selection, and level control within a single zone only. It is recommended that at least one master wallplate is used when zone wall plates are required, as the zone wallplates provide only limited functionality.

A total of 8 remote wall plates and 2 paging consoles can be used on the system. A maximum of 2 plates per cable run in parallel or chained via an extension connector on the rear of each plate (Each optional zone, master wallplate or paging console MUST have a unique ID). These plates and paging consoles can be wired back to the A 4450 using Cat5/6 UTP cabling.

The optional A 4660 paging console provides paging to any or all output zones, has pre and post chime functions, and can record announcements for quick recall and playback when required. It also includes master control functionality, so it could be used in lieu of a master wall plate.

If required, the system can be controlled using standard RS-232 control codes for third party control systems.

Distortion: 0.01%
Frequency Response: 140Hz - 20kHz
Mic input sensitivity: 3mV - 0.7V balanced
Line inputs: 100mV-1V
Output sensitivity: 100mV-1V

Balanced output: 3 pin euro connectors
Auxiliary output: 2 x RCA
Inputs: 3 pin euro connectors or 2 x RCA
24V DC power: Screw terminals
24V DC Power: 2.1mm DC Jack
RS-485 serial: RJ45

Input Selectors: Switch
Power: Power/Standby Switch
Volume: Front Panel Knob
Indicators: Power on, Signal Present, VU Meter

WallPlates & Paging Console
Output Connection: 2 x RJ45 8P8C
Data Transmission: Cat5e cabling max 300m

Power: 24V DC
Dimensions: 482W x 125D x 44H
Weight: 2.1 kg

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