4x8 Stereo Audio Switcher System A4460

SKU: 9321758251362


Designed to distribute 4 stereo audio input sources to 8 stereo output zones, this system is ideal for use in function centres, hotels, meeting rooms and domestic homes etc. It sends audio sources from one room to another with total ease.

Fitted with four stereo RCA connections for inputs and eight stereo RCA connections for outputs, it brings together audio sources for distributing to different zones. The signal of each output is fed into a power amplifier suitably rated for the speakers in that zone. The main unit connects to master and zone touchscreen wallplates using Cat5/6 UTP cabling, providing an easy way to select sources and adjust levels.

The master control plate offers selection of inputs to outputs, plus volume level adjustments. It’s also fitted with a Bluetooth receiver which can play audio on any or all zones. Custom labelling of inputs and outputs can be performed directly on this master plate.

The local zone control plate is located within each “zone” and provides volume level adjustment and selection of inputs or Bluetooth audio programming (either from the master control plate or a device within the zone).

A total of 8 wallplates can be used on the system. Maximum of 2 plates per cable run.

The main control unit has 6 sets of closing contact triggers. When activated, via external switch or master wallplate they trigger an MP3 file stored on the inbuilt SD card. The MP3 plays to all zones. These contacts can be programmed to play different MP3s on events eg: door bell, pool gate opening, PIR sensor for customer arrival etc.

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