5 Watt UHF Waterproof CB Handheld Radio UH850-Y

SKU: 9322402015965


Uniden is paving the way in UHF radio communication with its new UH850Y UHF CB mobile radio with Voice Enhancer and Smart Key.

The UH850-Y UHF CB handheld radio is the ultimate compact UHF communications with 5 Watt power and deliver up to 17km# of range. This makes it the perfect unit for professionals who need a rugged and heavy duty radio suitable for various conditions.

The UH850-Y features a waterproof design to operate in the most intense environmental conditions, with 4 different audio level settings (normal, bass, midrange and high) to provide a natural voice enhancer for sharp clarity and performance. The benefit of the Smart Key allows you toggle between Voice Enhancer, Instant Channel or Call Tone Feature to tailor to your needs.

With the finest components, unique engineering and styling, the UH850 offers outstanding performance adaptable in various conditions and situations, just what you expect from Uniden.


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