50W 240V AC IP65 Natural White LED Floodlight with Motion Sensor X2317C

SKU: 9321758239728


These weatherproof motion detecting 240V AC floodlights have adjustable sensitivity, on time and dusk settings. Ideal for fixed domestic and commercial applications. Fitted with stainless steel hardware and brackets to ensure a long life in harsh outdoor conditions.Ideal for the outside your house so you can see when you arrive home late or even in the back garden while you're entertaining to provide light. Housed in a die cast metal IP65 weatherproof casing. Fitted with a 1.5m 240V mains plug. Dimensions: 250W x 160H x 50Dmm.

Note: This product is safe to use for outdoor applications.

Colour Temperature: 4000-4500K
Dimensions: 250W x 160H x 50D mm
Voltage Input: 240V AC
Beam Angle: 120°
Colour: Natural White
CRI: 80
Light Output: 4700lm

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