65W PD Battery Bank 20000mAh D0520

SKU: 9321758252550


Do you need a power bank thats capable of not only charging your phone but also strong enough to charge a laptop? Well look no further, this 20,000mAh battery bank offers high output Power Delivery (PD) allowing users the ablity to charge a range of devices. It features an aluminium casing with power capacity LCD readout. The power bank has Dual USB type A outputs for as well as dual USB C output for iPad Pro and USB C devices. Great for those times you’re away from a mains outlet!

Dimensions: 48 x 48 x 105mm

Wattage: PD 65W (max)
Input: USB Type C
Output: Dual USB Type A and Dual USB Type C
USB Type-C Input & Output: 5V - 2A, 5V~15V - 3A, 20V - 3.25A (65W max)
USB Type-A Input & Output: 5V - 2A, 5V - 4.5A, 9V - 2A, 12V - 1.67A (22.5W max)
Dimensions: 48 x 48 x 105mm

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