7A Panel Mount Thermal Circuit Breaker (CBE) SF2297

SKU: 9319236837313


These attractive looking units feature a black 19mm square facade with a centrally mounted bright red `trip button. When tripped, the red button extends and to reset simply push button back in (once fault has been cleared). Its slow response time ideal for inductive/reactive loads. IEC 934 TYPE R/TO.


  • Hold Current: 100% load indefinitely
  • Trip current:
    Within 1 hour at 135% load
    Within 1 min at 200% load
  • Contact Resistance: 0.16 ohms



Circuit Breaker Type : Panel mount
Circuit Breaker Current : 7A
Circuit Breaker AC Voltage : 125V
Circuit Breaker DC Voltage : 32V
Circuit Breaker Resistance : 0.08Ω
Circuit Breaker Di-electric Strength : 1500VAC 1 Minute
Circuit Breaker Contact Endurance : >500 cycles @ 150% of contact rating
Circuit Breaker Pole Count : 1 pole
Packaged Volume : 0.02l
Packaged Weight : 0.04kg
Packaged Length : 1.8cm
Packaged Width : 1.8cm
Packaged Height : 5.2cm

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