80VA Hearing Induction Loop Amplifier A4210

SKU: 9321758172384


Hearing induction loop amplifiers are installed to greatly enhance the listening experience of people using hearing aids. They are commonly installed in public areas which are generally noisy, making it difficult for hearing impaired users to hear clearly. Both models have been engineered to meet AS60118.4-2007 and include a compressor/limiter circuit with tailored frequency response ensuring excellent speech intelligibility. They will operate into loads of less than 2 ohms and are short circuit proof. Great for places of worship, community halls, museums etc.

The A 4210 80VA model delivers 3.5A RMS, 5A peak and is suitable for areas of approximately 180m2. Note that coverage may vary from site to site depending on outside influences such as steel reinforcement, high current electrical wiring etc.).

Inputs are provided for balanced mic and line, auxiliary and an input with VOX muting for interfacing into venue emergency evacuation system.

Suitable for 19" rack mounting with use of A4376 rack mount ears.

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