Alert/Evac Option Board For Mixers and Amplifiers A4573

SKU: 9321758162583


This module generates pre announcement chimes and alert and evacuation tones for selected Redback® products. Separate volume controls are included for adjustment of the alert/evac tone level, the chime level and the message voice-over level. The chime and alert/evac tones are triggered by closing contacts via a five way euro block. These triggers can be set to momentary or alternate action by on board DIP switches.
Chimes included on the module include pre announcement, Ding Dong, repeating Bing and repeating Bong.

All of these are DIP switch selectable.The module is also fitted with a switch over option which changes the evacuation tone from the Alert tone to the Evacuation tone after a set time. This can be adjusted from 30 seconds to 270 seconds in 30 second increments or it can be switched off altogether.
A microphone has been included which is used to record an emergency voice over message if required. This message can be turned on via DIP switches, and will play twice after the evacuation tone has repeated four time

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