Battery 18650 2600mAh Li-Ion Rechargeable Protected S4738

SKU: 9321758177761


These high performance 18650 lithium ion 3.7V batteries offer high performance and long life from a compact package. This model has in-built protection features to ensure safe operation at all times. These include over charge, over discharge, short circuit and over current protection.

ø18.6mm x 69.9mm

Lithium-ion rechargeables offer excellent properties for use in consumer devices, including excellent energy density and low maintenance. Lithium-ion do not suffer from memory effect and possess no regular cycling that batteries often require to extend their service life.

Common applications for 18650 cells include:
Laptop computers
LED flash lights
Electric vehicles
Power tools
Converting AA or AAA powered products over to higher performance (providing voltage matches).

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