Ceiling EWIS Speaker Metal Grille 200mm 100V 5W White CF2234

SKU: 20106720


CF2234 is a ceiling mount speaker certified to the AS ISO7240.24 standard for fire & evacuation announcements in buildings. Each speaker is fitted with a fire retardant speaker/transformer dome and is fitted with sealed gland cable entries and terminal blocks for easy on site termination. The speaker utilises the One-Shot ‘snap fit’ mounting system. The CF2234 features a metal grille.

This range of speakers have been engineered to meet the requirements of evacuation and occupant warning paging systems. The high efficiency speaker and transformer combination ensures high SPL, wide frequency response, superior speech intelligibility and reproduction for mission critical applications.

All components of the fixture are manufactured from high quality, long lasting, flame retardant material and tested to the rigours of the new standard. On site installation will be simple and straight forward. Oversized cable glands and terminal blocks will make on site termination easier than other competing products. Finally the speaker will just ‘snap fit’ into the ceiling. Far easier than competitors models being offered on the market.

The Labour Saving One-Shot Mounting System
Redback “One-Shot” speaker units install in seconds providing substantial labour cost savings for the professional installer compared to traditional mounting methods. The “Rat-Trap” version is the first “One-Shot” to utilise a retaining 3 way spring latching system.

Each latch is set like a rat trap before installation into the speaker hole. When the speaker is pushed into the ceiling, the latches spring open, securing the speaker in place. The snap clip material is formulated to retain long service life strength and spring action, ensuring a firm vibration free fit to either gyprock tiles, mineral fibre tiles or fixed gyprock ceilings. A neutral white RAL colour provides an architecturally unobtrusive finish to virtually any installation.


  • Designed to meet Australian Standard AS ISO7240.24
  • Excellent speech intelligibility
  • Overall depth only 108mm deep.
  • Tuned PA driver designed to meet the latest fire standards
  • High quality speaker driver developed for BGM, paging and emergency warning applications
  • Patented 3 way latching ensures a neat, sag free installation.
  • Fitted with 4 way wire protect terminal for loop in, loop out wiring.
  • Fitted with cable restraint plate and flame retardant safety cover.
  • Fitted with supervisory capacitor for line monitoring.
  • Assembled in Australia.
  • 5 year warranty.


Certificate Of Conformity


  • Rated Noise Power: 5 Watts (100V line)
  • Power Taps & Impedance (100V line): 0.33W (30kΩ), 0.66W (15kΩ), 1.25W (8kΩ), 2.5W (4kΩ), 5W (2kΩ)
  • Sensitivity: 94dB (1W @ 1m), 82dB (1W @ 4m)
  • Maximum Sound Pressure Level: 100dB (5W @ 1m), 88dB (5W @ 4m)
  • Frequency Response: 100Hz - 15kHz, 315Hz-6.3kHz: ±5dB
  • Coverage Angle (-6dB): 500Hz: >180°, 1000Hz: 165°, 2000Hz: 85°, 4000Hz 65°
  • Environmental Type: A (for indoor applications as per standard)
  • Speaker Component: 200mm (8”) paper cone speaker
  • Mounting Hole: 246mmØ
  • Mounting Method: 6 x plastic spring loaded clip
  • Line Monitoring: Yes, 22µF bipolar capacitor
  • Applicable Cable: 2.5mm2 (14AWG) max conductor area
  • Connection: 4 way screw terminal
  • Finish: White flame retardant ABS grille (ABS AF312C),
  • Clear Flame retardant ABS spring clips (Makrolon 6557),
  • Red flame retardant ABS transformer dome cover (Starex VH-0800)
  • Powdercoated aluminium grille insert (RAL9003 white)
  • Dimensions: 266Ø x 108Dmm
  • Weight: 1.25kg



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