Compact 1RU Public Address (PA) 100V Amplifier 100W A4250A

SKU: 9321758242285


These compact 1RU rack mount amplifiers are suitable for both stand alone PA system use, or as zone amplifiers in larger systems requiring local inputs. All models operate on 240V AC or 24V DC for battery backup operation.

The input consists of a 3-pin XLR which can be set for either balanced mic level (3mV) or balanced line level (2V), adjusted via a rear mounted trimpot. A dual RCA input is also provided with adjustable sensitivity of either 300mV or 1V. Phantom power is also provided on the input XLR. The circuit includes protection features in case of output over voltage, over current and over temperature. All are self re-setting once the fault condition is removed. Visual indication via front panel LEDs display amplifier status at all times.

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