Bluestream Banana Plug Gold Plated 4mm Nickel body Red & Black SOLD EACH BANANARB

SKU: 9340242001696

Colour: Red

The ideal for a long-term, high-quality speaker cable connection

The Bluestream BANANA plugs are available in in Red & Black (positive & negative). The Bluestream BANANA plug provide a nice solid connection between speakers and amplifiers and work with 12 gauge to 16 gauge speaker cable. 

They provide a convenient connection and also are great when having to terminate in a tight space. A further reason to using banana plugs is that it also can prevent cross termination with any loose or stray wires that can blow your system.

The 24ct gold plating on these plugs also provide corrosion resistance which prevents poor signal transfer and potential damage to your equipment. They are suitable for heavier gauge cable speaker cables and feature two M4 screws for quick and reliable installation.

They have been designed to work best with any of the PRO AV speaker cable range but can be used on all brand speaker cables. In fact, using the right cables is the easiest way to instantly upgrade the sound quality of your system.

  • Gold plated
  • 2-screw installation
  • Non conductive shell
  • Larger cable capacity (5mm maximum)
  • Rear case internal diameter 6.6mm
  • Total length 48mm (20mm connector)
  • Sold Separately


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