Public Address (PA) Mixer Amplifier 125W 100V 4 Zone A4270

SKU: A4270


This Redback 4 Zone 125 Watt 100V Public Address Mixer Amplifier is similar in functionality to the A 4377/A4387 amplifiers with the addition of four 100V line output zones. During normal use, you are able to select via the front panel switches, any zone on or off to control BGM programming. Remote paging to each zone is made possible by connecting the A 4660 paging console to the amplifier via Cat6 cable (2 consoles @ max 300m). This allows for paging to selected zones or all call, muting BGM to all zones. At the completion of the announcement, music will be restored to previously selected zones. BGM can also be selected on or off to all zones remotely from the paging console. When using the paging console, these microphones assume priority between input 1 and input 2 on the amplifier. If two consoles are connected, they operate on a first in, first served basis, activating a system busy indicator on the inoperative console.

Power output: 125W
Distortion: 75dB below rated output
Line inputs: >81dB below rated output
Speaker connection: Pluggable terminals
Power connection: IEC or 24VDC pluggable terminal
Audio inputs: 3 pin XLR, stereo RCA, 3.5mm jack
Controls: Volume (3), Bass, Treble, Master, Zone Selection (4)
Bass adjustment: ±10dB @ 100hz
Treble adjustment: ±10dB @ 10kHz
Indicators: Power, 24VDC, Fault, Peak Limit, Over Load, Paging Active
Fuse protection: 7.5A AC, 10A DC
Power: 240V AC or 24V DC (nominal)
Dimensions: 483 x 270 x 88mm

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