Remote Lockdown Wallplate to suit A4595A A4598

SKU: 9321758193679


This remote wall plate provides the same functionality as the buttons on the front of the A4595A. All switches have safety covers to prevent accidental triggering. If a tone is triggered by the main unit or a paging console the corresponding switch on the wall plate will illuminate. Connection is made via Cat5e cable with a maximum range of 300m. A Maximum of 16 combined wall plates (A4598, A4598V or A4597) is recommended, but up to 63 wall plates can be connected. (If more than 16 wall plates are required contact Altronics for configuration details). Every wall plate must have a unique ID which is set by the DIP switches which are accessed on the rear of the unit. A maximum of 63 IDs are available.

All wall plates assembled by Altronics are supplied with two facia clip on covers. These are designed to match your current decor. Simply clip on the desired cover after installation.

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