RF380 Video I/R Hub 3 Input, 8 Output A1057

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Distribute multiple AV signals to multiple TV screens.
These multi-channel modulators and associated accessories allow the distribution of stereo audio/video signals from a variety of sources. They enable AV signals from DVD, security camera, Pay TV etc to be transmitted over a single 75Ω coaxial cable. Each AV input can be assigned its own dedicated TV channel. It allows the connected sources to be viewed at multiple locations simultaneously, depending on the splitters used. Selecting the desired source is as simple as changing channels on your TV. The system also allows full control of the AV devices remotely via the A 1055 or A 1056 IR extender modules.
All RF connections on the system are made easy with industry standard F connectors.

Output RF splitters: Combines the output from the A 1046/48/50 and free to air TV antenna and splits the signal to multiple RF outputs. If infra-red is required in your system, it must include an A 1057 splitter. A 1061 & A 1062 may be used as local zone splitters, providing additional outputs where required.

Remote IR targets: Installed next to the TV screen. These devices connect in-line between the TV screen and the modulator/splitter and enables full remote control of the connected AV sources via the existing coaxial cable.

DC Blocking module: Required when connecting TV sets directly to the splitter module output without the use of the A 1055 IR target.

IR emitters: Connects to the A 1048/50 modulator to send control signals to the AV equipment. Single or dual “eye” versions available.

Power supply is included.

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