Solar Battery Trickle Charger Maintainer 1.5W N0700

SKU: 9321758108390


This 1.5W solar panel trickle charger maintains your car or boat battery, keeping it in charged condition even when it is not used for months at a time!

Lead acid cells will self-discharge, even when completely disconnected, if they are not re-charged regularly eg when a car is not driven for long periods or on a boat which is used infrequently. This may permanently damage the battery’s capacity, requiring it to be replaced prematurely.

This solar charger is a great “no-fuss” solution for battery maintenance, and will keep car batteries trickle charged via the cigarette lighter socket. It includes a back-feed diode to prevent the battery from discharging back though the charger. Includes suction cups for mounting to inside car windows, alligator clips and cigarette lighter adaptor lead (1.5m).

Charge rate: Approx 100mA

Note: Suitable for maintaining charged batteries, not designed for charging flat batteries.

355W x 125H x 13D mm.

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