STP60NF06 N-channel 60A TO220 MOSFET ZT2450

SKU: 20011499


STP60NF06 N-channel MOSFET for power switching applications
  • VDS=60V, ID=60A
  • Equivalent to BUK456-60


Packaged Volume : 0l
Packaged Weight : 0kg
Packaged Length : 3cm
Packaged Width : 1cm
Packaged Height : 0.5cm
Type of Transformer : MOSFET
Transistor Package : TO-220
active mount type : Through Hole
active connector type : Solder Legs
active number of legs : 3 count
FET polarity : N channel
FET voltage : 60V
FET current : 60A
FET Type : BUK-456-60

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