Touchscreen Source Switching Wallplate suits A 4432 A4433

SKU: 9321758229552


The A4433 wall plate allows remote selection of the A4432’s input audio source and volume level. In addition, when connected to the A4931 local input wall plate or A4932 local input box, it allows the use of a local signal source, such as a wired mic, radio mic or aux source such as a mobile device, which VOX mutes the selected input from the A4432. The LCD displays the input sources and zone and local input volume levels. Allows quick and easy source selection, muting, level control for programming, plus local input level control (when used with A4931/A4932).

All wall plates assembled by Altronics are supplied with two facia clip on covers. These are designed to match your current decor. Simply clip on the desired cover after installation.

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