UHF5500-1 80Ch 5W High Power UHF CB Transceiver X0575

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Engineered to meet professional requirements over greater distances than standard power transmitters. This high power 5W unit features a super sensitive receiver with front end filtering housed in a sturdy diecast chassis for excellent protection from the elements. For close range communications the transmitter can be switched to 1W for increased talk time. Ideal for use on building and industrial sites, event security etc.

Compliance: AS/NZS 4365:2011 and NZS2772.1
Frequency Range: TX/RX 476.425 - 477.4125 MHz
Number of Channels: 80 UHF CB
Channel Spacing: TX/RX 12.5KHz
Channel Spacing: RX 12.5KHz
Operating modes: Simplex, Duplex
Scanning Speed: 125msec/per channel
Antenna Impeadance: 50 Ohm
Battery Capacity: 7.4V, 1800mAh, Li-ion Battery
Frequency Stability: +/- 2.5ppm

RF Output Power: 5 Watts max.
Modulation: FM
Maximum Deviation: +/- 2.5KHz
Spurious Emissions: Less than -30dBm
Tx Frequency Response: +1 to -3dB of 6dB/octave from 300Hz to 3000Hz
Audio Signal to Noise Ratio: more than 35dB

Circuit Type: Dual conversion superheterodyne
Intermediate Frequencies: 1'st IF = 21.4MHz, 2'nd IF = 450KHz
Sensitivity: less than -118dBm at 12dB SINAD
Selectivity: more than 70dB
Intermodulation Immunity: more than 70dB
Spurious Response Immunity: more than 60dB at IF/2
Audio Signal to Noise Ratio: More than 35dB
Receive Frequncy Response: +1 to -3dB of 6dB/octave from 300Hz

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