UNIDEN Full HD Smart Dash Cam With 2" LCD Colour Screen With GPS Geo tagging CAM40

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Uniden’s new range of Dash Cams are the latest in “Smart In-car Technology”. A reliable Dash Cam that can record all events on the road in case of an accident and protect your version of events. The improved video quality makes it easier for road users to report on-road incidents to police and insurance companies.

The Uniden iGO CAM 40 offers high-quality footage with Full HD resolution (1080P) and a 2″ LCD Colour Screen in outstanding clarity. With a Super Wide View of 140 Degrees for the camera ensuring that all events are recorded. The Uniden iGO CAM is ideal for Car, Courier, Taxi & Uber Drivers, Tradies, 4WD and Offroad Drivers, Truck and Commercial Drivers. In addition to the safety benefits, the enhanced video footage lets recreational road users capture scenic drives and off-road adventures in crisp detail.

The feature-packed Dash Cam is designed for a variety of road users and with a large speedometer display for accurate speed.

What also makes the IGO CAM 40 a great in-car companion is the Parking Mode feature. This is ideal in Shopping Centres and Parking Lots allowing you to record when your car is parked and the engine is switched off, the inbuilt sensor detects sudden vibration which will wake the hibernated Dash Cam and switch it on to start recording for a limited time.

GPS antenna inside the mount enables video geotagging, recording direction travelling, location and speed.

With a small and compact design the IGO CAM 40 is an excellent choice for Smart Dash Cams. With a brand with over 50 years of engineering excellence, the Uniden Dash Cam range is the obvious choice.

    Uniden - iGO CAM 40 Dash Cam Sample Footage (Day)

    Key Features

    • Camera Resolution 1080P Full HD
    • 2″ LCD Colour Screen
    • 3 Axis G-Sensor
    • Parking Mode*
    • Super Wide View 140°
    • GPS Geotagging
    • Large Speedo Display

    Operating Manual

    In the Box

    • 1 x iGO CAM 40
    • 2 x Sticker Mounts
    • 1 x USB Car Charger
    • 1 x USB Charging Cable
    • 1 x Operating Manual


    GPS Player (Mac)

    GPS Player (Windows)


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