VoltGuard AVR 3 Outlet Surge Protected Power Conditioner D0934

SKU: D0934


The PowerShield VoltGuard AVR automatically maintains a constant voltage level to protect your sensitive electronics from brownouts and over voltages.
This cost effective compact device provides a constantly regulated output voltage ensuring that your sensitive electronic equipment is always receiving voltage within an acceptable range. Adding to this, VoltGuard also has included as standard, over voltage and under voltage protection which will turn off the supply to your equipment when the utility voltage moves out of the safe range. The VoltGuard also provides surge protection to protect against transients.

Visit the PowerShield UPS Sizing Guide. which will help you select the correct UPS for your power protection needs.

Capacity: 1500VA / 750W

Voltage: 230VAC
Voltage Range: 184 - 284VAC
Frequency Range: 50Hz

Voltage Regulation: ±10%
Australian Outlets: 3

Boost & Buck LED: Yellow
Normal LED: Green
Over/Under Voltage LED: Red

Dimensions: 180D x 95W x 119H mm
Net Weight: 1.96kg

Operation Humidity: 0 - 90% RH @ 0 - 40˚C (non-condensing)
Noise Level: Less than 5dB

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